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Gypsy cob for sale australia, Gypsy cob stallion at stud, heavy horse, Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Horse, Stallion at Stud, High Street Gypsy cobsSD THE GRUFFALO IMP UK
DOB: 2013 
EHM : 13.3hh
Dam: SD Blondie UK 
GS on dams side : SD Chief 
GD on Dams side is : SD Half a Tail 
GS on on sires side: SD The Wooly Mammoth UK

DNA: Negative for PSSM1 & FIS 

Colour: 1 Red Gene, 1 black gene, 2 copies of W20 gene,

I met The Gruffalo when I was in England in 2013 visiting SD Farm. I certainly was not looking for another stallion! However, this man as a tiny foal, had such presence.

The Gruffalo has grown into a truly exceptional fellow who is all heart. He is just the easiest stallion imaginable & he has proven himself to be brilliant producer with heavy, solid, typey, coloured foals.

He runs with a herd of stallions & is easy to serve mares in just a halter. He is an absolute tank of a cob with  outstanding conformation, a temperament owners & trainers dream of, and his back breeding is just exceptional.

A proven producer, SD The Gruffalo has everything a proper cob should, conformation, substance, presence, plenty of feather + a very relaxed and obliging nature, smart, soft and an all round charmer.

This is the first time The Gruffalo has been offered at Public Stud.

If you wish to breed to this exceptional Stallion Contact us for an Application Pack.

SERVICE FEE $1800 + Admin Fee 



Gypsy cob for sale australia, Gypsy cob stallion at stud, heavy horse, Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Horse, Stallion at Stud, High Street Gypsy cobs

Gypsy Cob Stallion At Stud, Gypsy Cob for sale Australia, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy Vanner, Stallion at stud, Heavy horse, Wedding Horse, High Street GYpsy cobs

Gypsy cob for sale australia, Gypsy cob stallion at stud, heavy horse, Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Horse, Stallion at Stud, High Street Gypsy cobs

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The Teddy Boy of High Street.

The Teddy Boy of High Street.

Sire: Terry Woods Young Horse, now owned by Phil Whites UK
GS:  John Mitchell’s Good Stallion
Dam: The Black Teddy Mare Imp UK ( from the world renown Teddy Mare UK)
Height: 14.3
DOB: 01/01/2010
Colour: nT,Ee
DNA Verified

We are taking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST in this incredible proven, Imported Ride / Drive Stallion.

Teddy is a dream horse for someone who loves to be active with their horse, he has eye catching movement making him a great choice in the show ring.
His kind, gentle nature is one is horse folk dream of, and he is beautifully put together.
We have put a lot of work into Teddy in terms of education, with him going really well in harness and a delight under saddle. He is super soft & responsive with great brakes, no need to really touch his mouth!
Only one in 200 horses is suitable to be a vaulting horse & Teddy made the grade, but with such a short back it’s not so easy with my curvy butt!
This just highlights the level of training Teddy has been exposed to and he takes it all in his stride. 

Imported as a 9mth old colt which cost 25k AUD for flight only, we have kept and raised this young man with the best of care. His starting & education under saddle & in harness & Vaulting have cost a significant amount.
It’s a sad day to have to consider selling this marvellous stallion who is just a breathtaking horse all round. We absolutely adore him & therefore seek a home that is knowledgeable, caring & have the time & finance to put into their horses. It must be a home that will adore him & give him the best of everything, including on going education as he is super talented.

Teddy Boy is a grandson of the world renown Teddy Mare. He has the sweetest, handsome pony head, is short coupled, has fantastic legs, with a double mane, manners of a saint and a is real lover, standing for hours for scratches and cuddles. He is measured at 14.3hh and  is going under saddle, in harness & has been trained as a vaulting horse. To be a successful vaulting horse, only one in every 200 horses is suitable.

Teddy’s nature is commented on by all who meet him. I attend to him in the field with his mares for worming etc, all unhaltered. He follows me like a sweet pup, and has been a treasure to train. Teddy is quiet under saddle, and has glorious, floating paces, quite forward going, super soft and responsive. 
Teddy is now going is harness too, and has taken all the training like a true champ.
With his training as a vaulting horse,  his education has been extensive and well rounded, he is a very talented boy, and soon we will be more focused on his riding and driving capabilities the his breeding.


With ongoing serious injury comes on going large medical bills – and this is our situation. 

Teddy Boy is proven and ships for chilled AI.

Teddy showed wonderful promise with his show debut in the show ring, taking Reserve Champion @ Toowoomba Royal 2012 in Heavy Horse & Reserve Champion Gypsy cob Colt @ Gatton Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Show 2012 as a youngster.

If you wish to breed to a very correct, and super natured boy, with fabulous lines and a leg in each corner, please contact us direct.

If you wish to breed to this exceptional Stallion Contact us for an Application Pack.

Live Cover & AI Available

ted ted2

Gypsy Cob Stallion at stud Australia, Gypsy horse for sale, gypsy vanner, heavy horse, pinto,


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gypsy cob for sale, gypsy horse gelding , gypsy vanner at high street gypsy cobsPurebred imported Gypsy Cob Gelding going under saddle & started in harness 

Sire: Falcon V. Gipsy Spirit ( Raven V. Gipsy Spirit Dam: ITS Sandy NL
Height: 14.2 hh
Colour: Ee, nCr
DOB: 2007
DNA Verified
$10,500 plus GST

This young man is compact, with a nature most can only dream of.. 
He is a true best mate, A proper gentleman, even as a stallion he was easy! 
Now he has settled into life as a gelding, after being gelded 2yrs ago, and is looking better than ever. 
He has had both advanced and beginner riders and taken care of all equally.
Under saddle Smokey is a very obliging, sensitive partner .
He was started bitless, is extremely soft, with great impulsion, floating paces, incredible sliding stops, has done cow work, beach rides, road, bush, arenas – he is flawless & brave, a very sensible man for an intermediate rider. 

He has currently been in harness training for the last month. He has been in the slide & the carriage but will need more work to be ready for competition. 
Smokey is a beautiful, kind and loving horse who requires the same in a home. 
He is susceptible to a bit of QLD Itch but is manageable, although a home further south would be of preference.

Please contact us direct for an Application Pack.

Gypsy Cob for sale, Gypsy cob, Gypsy Horse for sale, Gypsy Vanner for sale at High Street Gypsy Cobs. Gypsy Horse ITS Smokey IMP Netherlands for sale at High Street Gypsy Cobs. Gypsy Cob. Gypsy Vanner.184425_299817530121682_1950464122_n 253077_271429399627162_436643013_n 10380909_472366126200154_2090649483188246538_n 10489716_472366306200136_6596856731080271421_n 13322029_735511396552291_4408652738361394948_n 13335954_735511406552290_6944630563982476565_ngypsy cob for sale at high street gypsy cobs
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High Street's All That Jazz id proudly offered for sale

High Street’s All That Jazz SOLD to NZ

Sire: The Painted Warrior
Dam: The Lioness
DOB: 27-09-14

The Lioness & The Painted Warrior have certainly outdone themselves with this cracker of a filly. She is upfront & playful, there is nothing shy about this gorgeous girl!

Jazzie is an elegant black & white filly with phenomenal breeding, Davey Wards Black Stallion on both sides & ofcourse The Lion King on the dams side.

She has plenty of leg under her, with a very sweet head, short back & she will be a heavy girl with plenty of feather and mane.

She is evenly & very well marked, with ink spots too, and a flash of blue in the corner of one eye.

This is a top notch filly, with world class bloodlines, and the quality you can expect from generations of selective breeding. Jazzie is offerred to the very best of homes.

Jazzie comes DNA verified for parenatge & colour, microchipped, Hendra, tetanus & strangles vax, APSB registered and well handled to lead from the shoulder, hard tie, load, float, wash, trim worm.
Please contact us directly with all enquiries.

High Street's All That Jazz

High Street’s All That Jazz

High Street's All That Jazz

High Street’s All That Jazz


High Street's ALL THAT JAZZ

High Street’s ALL THAT JAZZ



High Street’s All That Jazz

High Street's All That Jazz is FOR SALE

High Street’s All That Jazz is FOR SALE



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