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Welcome to High Street Gypsy Cobs & Drum Horses in Australia.
High Street Gypsy Cobs offer Australia’s largest & finest lineup of truly exceptional, imported Gypsy horse stallions, Supreme Champions,
Supreme Champion Producers, hand selected mares from world class European bloodlines & top shelf homebred progeny.
We do not act as an agent for other breeders, studs or overseas traders, that way we can guarantee 100% the quality, temperament and bloodlines of our stock.
We invite you to contact us before Importing from Overseas – we have had much experience after importing the largest number of Gypsy Cobs in such a short period of time –
and can offer sound advice & guidance for the newcomer.

All High Street Horses are:
* DNA Verified
* Colour Typed
* Microchipped
* Tetanus & Strangles & Hendra Vaccinated
* Up to date with worming & trimming
* Registered

All Sales Inspections are by way of Application.
All horses must be viewed & undergo a Pre Purchase Examination

All horses come having been provided top shelf nutrition, with 24 hr grazing on rotated pasture, mainly rhodes & paspalum,
with quality grassy lucerne hay, lucerne chaff, Hygain True Breed & Kohnkes Cell Vital Mineral, salt, Copra Meal
all in the correct proportions for size, weight & age & checked regularly to be sure they are on course developmentally & nutritionally.
Horses are regularly wormed with Equest Plus Tape & given rotationals. All horses are trimmed every 5 weeks, by Hayley Wardrop, an exceptional woman in her chosen field.
Horses are microchipped & are vaccinated for Strangles, Tetanus, Hendra, come AGHS or APSB registered ( & some can be triple registered with APSB & QLD Pinto )
We have excellent Equine Veterinary Services who assist us as needed. Most importantly, each & every horse has been gently & lovingly tended to from birth until now.
They have great trust & respect for humans as they have only ever known kindness & respect.
All horses are taught the basics of facing up, coming when called, dipping their nose into the halter, leading from the shoulder, tying up, backing, yielding to pressure,
understand pressure & release as a system of learning, load, travel, wash, worm, needle, rug, and basically are all well socialised, happy horses whom we know intimately.
We find their strengths & encourage them, and support any weakness that may arise. Every horse that leaves our property is known to have the most darling of natures,
and this is because of how w raise them, as part of our family, our 4 legged friends & fur kids.

After spring 2016 we will take a break from breeding as we will have drastically downsized our stud to a handfull of horses due to serious injury of our Stud Mistress & owner.
The next foals expected are in Spring 2016 and will be a knockout variety of top half foals bred in the blue for the Show Ring or to Breed – as well as excellent family companions & all rounders.
Contact us about our soon-to-be born foals from SD Blue Suede – High Streets The Horseshoe Stallion – SD The Gruffalo – The Teddy Boy. e eagerly await these very well planned joining to produce the best yet.
As all high end breeders should, aiming to achieve even better than ever before, we welcome you to see what we have in store.
We look forward to our new direction as a Boutique Stud, breeding selectively & rarely, focusing on the ongoing education & showcasing our marvellous horses in many different arenas including Entertainment & Public Displays.

Enjoy perusing the lovely horses we have on offer, and enjoy your trip around High Street Gypsy Cobs.

High Street’s The King Of Wands – Drum Horse Colt

Sire: SD The Gruffalo IMP UK – Gypsy Cob Dam: Yoothapina Gumnut – Clydesdale Mare  DOB: April 2021 This smashing Foundation Drum Horse colt is the result of our huge Clydesdale mare Allie & superb imported Gypsy cob stallion SD The Gruffalo! With fabulous colour, flair, heavy in bone, feather & hair, this lad is a sensational type and will not disappoint.  His dam carries the Sabino gene and dad … Continue reading

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