Angelo the cremello

Angelo came as a very special pair – with his sister,  from the doggers in NSW. Part of my paying it forward project – High Street Equine Haven. These cremellos are the most beautiful pair of ponies imaginable! Angelo has been a very rewarding journey. He trusts me now + is ever so curious, and oh my can he move!!!!. I am so proud of this guy. He is a total show stopper. He is show quality! He would blitz it in the show ring. His incredible presence and, high stepping action with lots of reach and those blue eyes make for some heavenly moments! Ive had this boy for several years now in the hope of staring him as a kids pony. 

Since injuring myself those dreams have to be let go of so I can rest + focus on the rest of my recovery.  Please contact us for more info if you believe you are the perfect match for our Creamy Angel! You will be experienced + able to take him forward to getting started. 
Adoption Fee $500 

You can see more of Angelo on High Street Equine Havens Facebook Page


Angel (left) Angelo (right)

Angel (left) Angelo (right)

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