Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Horse, Pinto, Black & white Gypsy vanner, Equine Recurrent UveitisSire: Clononeen Double Tumble Imp UK  (DEC)
Dam: Watermark  Juniper

DOB: 2010



Alice is our little gem – our special needs filly who is our little fur child.
Her nature is flawless, she is the kindest soul.

We discovered in the months after buying Alice that  the retina of the right eye was completely detached. + some sight in her left eye – She was diagnosed with ERU – Equine Recurrent Uveitis.

We cannot be sure how this came to be, however we are 100 percent none of the other horses at High Street have ERU.

Alice spent an extended period of time in a specialist hospital in Brisbane to receive the care she needed, and since that time has not had a recurrence due to great management.

We are committed to providing a safe haven for Alice, to enjoy her life in a family environment.  Many horses with ERU lead happy lives + Alice has the perfect temperament to be an EFL, Therapy Horse or broodmare. She is a fantastic broody, and a wonderful mum! Her 2019 colt to Sd The Gruffalo is a ripper!

She is quiet enough to be a leadline horse too.
Little Alice is always obliging, sweet & gentle, we trained her with voice cues as a yearling + she is in great condition.

We paid $33,ooo for Alice, and her current price reflects her need for management.

Call Talitha direct on 0433 453 998.

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