The beautiful Lucy Lockett

LUCY LOCKETT of High Street Imp UK

Sire: Cochise Dam: Dollie Lucy Locket is a superb red & white filly imported from the UK. She is such a sweet princess, quiet, loving & very intelligent, & has quickly made her way into our hearts. She currently stands at approx 14.3hh and is still growing. She is everything we would expect of a proper cob, with clean, flat bone, and plenty of it, hair to spare, and amazing … Continue reading

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High Street’s Blue Velvet

Sire: SD Blue Suede IMPGS: SD Black Jack USA GGS : SD Jack GGGS : Bob The BlagdonGGGGS : The Lob Eared HorseDam : Sweetcheeks of High StreetGS : Davey Wards Black & White StallionGGS : Davey Wards Black StallionDOB: 16/12/14 EHM: 14.1+hhSolid Blue Roan Filly Australia’s first solid blue roan Gypsy Cob filly to Grace Australian shores.This girl has the lot, it’s not hard to see why we had planned on retaining … Continue reading

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High Street’s Golden Trinket – SOLD TO WA

Sire : ITS Boester IMPDam : Lucy Lockett IMPBay Tobiano FillyDOB :  May 2015EHM : 14.3hhComes AGHS RegisteredHendra, Tetanus & Strangles VaxDNA & Colour Verified$16,500 plus GST Our last foal of the season was certainly worth the wait.Known affectionately as May, this charming angel is just pure love. She is the most easily handled, well mannered, inquisitive darling heart. May has melted every heart thus far.Imprinted at birth & handled daily, this … Continue reading

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One of Madonnas bubs

High Street’s The Blue Madonna Filly – SOLD

Sire: SD Blue Suede IMP ( ex Black Jack USA) Dam: The Madonna Filly IMP ( ex Dick Smiths Black Stallion UK ) DOB: 30/01/15EHM: 13.2hhColour: Ee, N/RnSolid Blue Roan Purebred Gypsy Cob Filly This very special solid blue roan filly is from an imported, solid blue roan stallion SD Blue Suede & a solid black mare The Madonna Filly. Both parents are of impeccable breeding & are very heavy types & their … Continue reading

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High Street's Horseshoe's Black Magic Filly


Sire: The Horseshoe Stallion ( The Pitter Horse X The Old White Mare)Dam: The Madonna Filly (ex Dick Smith’s Black Stallion )DOB: 7/9/12EHM: 13.3hhAPSB REG # 52010$17,500 plus GST We awaited this foal with bated breath. Daughter to our beloved Horseshoe Stallion who passed in June 2012, this filly represents so much to us & she carries on her fathers legacy.Her dam is The Madonna Filly, whose sire is said to … Continue reading

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