High Street’s Lollapalooza – SOLD

<h3><span style=”color: #000000;”><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lolly_8119-224×300.jpg” alt=”drum horse, drum filly for sale, drum horse australia at high street gypsy cobs” width=”224″ height=”300″ class=” size-medium wp-image-5020 alignleft” />5 * SHOW QUALITY FILLY <br />Sire: ITS Boester</span><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>Dam: Yoothapina Gumnut</span><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>Bay Tobiano</span><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>DOB: 16 /02/ 15</span><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>EHM: 16.3hh<br />Colour: nT, EE, Aa<br /></span><span style=”color: #ff0000;”>UNDER OFFER</span><br /><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>This smashing lassie is yet another cracking offspring from a pair that just click. Boester &amp; Allie consistently produce big, heavy, true to type Drums with clean joints, big stepping &amp; elevated action, plenty of feather &amp; the sweetest heads &amp; most darling of natures.  High Street’s Lollapalooza, known as Lolly is very upfront, gentle &amp; well handled, allowing us to touch her all over, pick up her feet, and do anything we lie with her, she’s totally in your pocket. Imprinted at birth, this gorgeous girl is people oriented &amp; ever so curious. </span></h3><h3><span style=”color: #000000;”>A very well bred, well marked, superb natured lady who will be huge, making a very fine addition to your family, as either a show, breed or ride/drive prospect.</span><br /><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>We have retained High Street’s Sovereignty, full brother  to Lolly &amp; both can be viewed.</span><br /><br /><span style=”color: #000000;”>Lolly will be offered for sale to an experienced 5 star home. She will make a brilliant all rounder, whether in harness or under saddle.<br /><br />She really needs to be viewed to be believed, so please contact us to arrange a viewing .<br /><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lolly_0180-264×300.jpg” alt=”drum horse for sale, gypsy cob for sale at high street gypsy cobs” width=”264″ height=”300″ class=” size-medium wp-image-5346 alignleft” /><br /><br /><br /><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lolly_0239-300×226.jpg” alt=”drum horse for sale at high street gypsy cobs, gypsy cob for sale” width=”300″ height=”226″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-5349″ /><br /><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lolly-AThena_0395-300×200.jpg” alt=”drum horse for sale at high gypsy cobs” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=” size-medium wp-image-5348 alignnone” /><br /><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lolly-Athena_0148-300×232.jpg” alt=”drum horse for sale at high street gypsy cobs” width=”300″ height=”232″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-5347″ /><br /></span></h3><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Lolly-Eva-Allie_8027-300×209.jpg” alt=”Drum horse for sale, gypsy cob, gypay vanner, gypsy horse at high street gypsy cobs” width=”300″ height=”209″ class=”wp-image-5003 size-medium” /> pictured with dam &amp; full sister<img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Lolly-Eva_8018-300×208.jpg” alt=”pictured with full sister Eva (right)” width=”300″ height=”208″ class=”size-medium wp-image-5005″ /> pictured with full sister Eva (right)<img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lolly-allie_8108-300×200.jpg” alt=”Lolly & her mum” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”size-medium wp-image-5021″ /> Lolly &amp; her mum<h3><span style=”color: #000000;”><img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/12348005_662042547232510_4033613274960623588_n-300×200.jpg” alt=”drum horse, drum filly for sale, drum horse australia at high street gypsy cobs” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-5022″ /> <img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/12366294_662042507232514_8485272213800796719_n-300×213.jpg” alt=”12366294_662042507232514_8485272213800796719_n” width=”300″ height=”213″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-5023″ /> <img src=”https://highstreetgypsycobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/12391007_662042423899189_4656490391863583280_n-300×201.jpg” alt=”12391007_662042423899189_4656490391863583280_n” width=”300″ height=”201″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-5024″ /></span></h3><h2></h2><h3><span style=”color: #000000;”> </span></h3>

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