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Sire: Davey Wards Black Stallion
Dam: Gypsy Girl
GS: The Lion King
DOB: 2006


Davey Wards Black Stallion is her DNA verified sire, which only adds to what is an already priceless mare & DNA verified GD of The Lion King from Gypsy Girl.
I had the opportunity to meet her dam Gypsy Girl, owned by Tommy Tucker, whilst visiting the UK. A really proper cob, heavy as they come with two blue eyes, and Lioness is much like her.
Our girl is one big, powerful, exquisite mare.
Her nature is sweet, kind & affectionate. She is a darling girl and a wonderful, patient mother. She has even us superb foals, all which are highly coveted both in Australia & offshore.
5 star home is a must. Only the best for this Queen!
Can put back in Foal for an additional fee.



The Lioness IMP IRE






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PH: 0433453998

Imported, proven mature mare.
Contact Direct.
Ph: 0433453997

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