TALULAH of High Street – SOLD

Red and white Gypsy Cob mare Talulah of High STreet Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy VannerSire: Whitestone Rory
Dam: Clononeen Lacy
DOB:  2009

Talulah is a big, heavy, red & white sabino with the most gentle nature.
She is approx 14.1 hh & a total sweetheart.
She has been worth the incredible effort & 
thanks to the help of many kind & generous folk, & a flight into London, I managed to track down & reclaim our horses.

With a huge amount of love from Josy Down & her lovely family at SD Farm in England, this mare was brought around & is now home with us at High Street.

We will be ever grateful to Josy & the crew at SD Farm. Talulah is absolutely glowing and a picture of incredible health.

She is now in foal to SD The Rocking Horse & super happy here. She has found a best mate in my girl Sweetcheeks. They share a bucket ( which is un heard of for Sweetcheeks!) 

Its priceless to see her flourishing & trusting & loving life.

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