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gypsy cob for sale, high street gypsy cobs, high streets hercules, gypsy horse, gypsy vanner for sale australiaSire: SD The Gruffalo IMP
Dam : Sweetcheeks of High Street IMP
GS: Davey Wards Black & White Stallion & SD Mushu
GD: SD Blondie UK
GGS: Davey Wards Black Stallion & SD The Wooly Mammoth
DOB: 26th August 2016
Colour : Awaiting Result

This massive boy is the spitting image of his marvellous father, The Gruffalo with the added bonus of having the splendid Sweetcheeks as his Dam. After a textbook birth, he got up & started suckling & then that was it, he found those legs & everything was galloping!! HE LOVES TO GALLOP! He is super compact & is well muscled, with a big wide chest, powerful hindquarters, long, chunky legs, and the loveliest little pony head on him. He is a total powerhouse + the colour of caramel, he is super sweet too!  He is a most unusual colour just like Dad. He is confident, and just loves to “help” with whatever you are doing.

He is truly Such a character & certainly has spectacular presence & genuinely sparkles, that was apparent  at just a few hours old!

He is bred by two of the best horses in the country & you can see from the start, this man has it all going on.
This gorgeous fella is now available.
Application by way of request.

Gelding Price $8000 + GST      Entire $17,000 + GST

gypsy cob for sale, the lioness, ypsy vanner, high street gypsy cobs australia, gypsy horse

gypsy cob for sale, the lioness, ypsy vanner, high street gypsy cobs australia, gypsy horse

high streets hercules, gypsy cob for sale, the lioness, ypsy vanner, high street gypsy cobs australia, gypsy horse

gypsy cob for sale, the lioness, ypsy vanner, high street gypsy cobs australia, gypsy horse

gypsy cob for sale, the lioness, ypsy vanner, high street gypsy cobs australia, gypsy horse

high street gypsy cobs, gypsy cob for sale,

gypsy cobs for sale, gypsy vanner, gypsy horse for sale


gypsy cob for sale, gypsy horse for sale australia

gypsy cob for sale, gypsy vanner australia

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Dam: Sweetcheeks of High Street IMP

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EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST -“High Streets The Blue Lioness”
Sire: SD Blue Suede
Dam: The Lioness
GS: Davey Wards Black Stallion deceased ( dams side)
GS: SD Black Jack USA (sires side)
GD: Gypsy Girl
GGS: The Lion King
Blue Roan Tobiano Filly
DOB: 15th August 2016

“Poppet” is a divine filly … a rare & beautiful filly, bred in the purple with love, care upmost adoration.
This combination of old school lines don’t come along often – once in a blue moon.
The Lioness is a world famous mare, and not many hold a candle to her. She is the epitome of the old world traditional cob, size, stature, hair to spare, she is an absolute tank with a heart of gold.
She is sired by the world revered DAVEY WARDS BLACK STALLION – now deceased & Her Dam Gypsy Girl is a huge, heavy mare by the late LION KING.
Poppets sire is SD Blue Suede – the first & only roan stallion in the country & he continues to produce breathtaking, heavy, correct & simply gorgeous foals. He has proven himself as an elite sire & is preserving all the traits of the perfect traditional cob.

This filly was set to be a keeper for us, but due to buyer default, we have been left in an  uncomfortable situation, forcing the sale of our beloved filly.
Poppet will mature to be a big, strong, massively heavy girl, laden with hair & feather.

She is the legacy of lines sought after world wide & is the entire package.
There is only one other blue roan tobiano filly in Australia – now residing in WA.
She is beautifully marked, very evenly, with one blue eye, a white lightning strike on her rump & has the dazzle dazzle  pizazz that will run rings around the others in the show ring.
She is like a teddy bear, letting us wrap her up in our arms go all over her.
Shes the most lovely smoochy baby who is totally in your pocket, and already seriously well handled. This filly is for an experienced home, absolutely no time wasters or dreamers. She is a one off – a rare diamond and there is absolutely nothing like her in this country

Poppet will come AGHS Registered, Microchipped, Hendra, Tetanus &Strangles Vax, Colour & Parentage Verified, very well handled, a great foundation of trust & willing to go on with.
POA. Payment plan can be secured until weaning.
Call Talitha direct – PMs will not be answered, or text messages. I like to have a good chat to each prospective home before offering an application, so please make sure you call
PH: 0433 453 998


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